Skipping in the footsteps of her Smith forefathers, Central Saint Martins graduate Mandy Smith traded her anvil and hammer for a scalpel and a cutting mat, forging a whole new era of culture colliding creations by cutting, snipping, folding and gluing.

And so a Papersmith was born.

Her style of smithery pushes the material to the limit, places conformity in the recycling tray and meticulously manifests the memorable for both commercial and artistic projects of any kind.

Her studio’s techniques and paper problem solving have crafted a diverse body of work. Her projects include; sending a paper rocket into the stratosphere (Heineken’s Legendary Posters), touring museums of the world with a full-sized paper Guillotine that people actually line up for (Paper Cuts Exhibition), creating a paper globe that can withstand submersion in fluid (3M Science at SXSW) and making sandpaper a relic of delicate delight.

While Mandy’s magic stems from one of mankind’s oldest materials, her expertise extends into film, animation, interactive installations and advertising. These skills and her collaborative spirit have meant her Amsterdam studio has been fortunate enough to bring visions to life for brands and agencies such as Toyota, Coca Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, Google, Heineken, Wieden + Kennedy, 180, VICE and BBDO.

Mandy first spoke at TEDx Amsterdam Women 2013 about her journey and has been selected to give a variety of talks in Amsterdam and London to audiences above 300 people.

Her latest talk 'Paper cuts' was at TEDx Amsterdam 2016 where she shared her paper journey and what lead her to make paper genitals to raise awareness for female genital mutilation.

Other talks include 'Creativity Online' at Pakhuis de Zwijger and being the guest speaker of Creative Mornings Amsterdam.


No More Cutting - TEDxAmsterdam at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, November 2016

A Rose is a Rose Exhibition - Berlin Art Week, September 2016

Paper Cuts Exhibition - Stadtmuseum Aarau, Switzerland, March 2015 - March 2016

Owen Gildersleave’s Paper Cuts - Proud Gallery London, September 2014

Paper Cuts Exhibition - Pick Me Up, Somerset House London,  April 2014

Heineken’s Legendary Posters Exhibition - Stedlijk Museum Amsterdam, April 2014

Paper Cuts Exhibitions - De Waag Amsterdam, March 2014