Heineken - Legendary Poster (The One that made a giant leap for Poster-kind)

Heineken partnered with over 40 renowned individuals from the worlds of sport, entertainment and art to create the Legendary Posters. Each poster began the same but then, travelled the world, met extraordinary people, participated in epic events and lived through amazing experiences, returning as as one-of-a-kind artworks that bear the physical marks of it’s unique journey.

The series of posters were then put online and auctioned to raise money for the Global Non-Profit, reporters without boarders with a final exhibition being held at the world famous Stedlijk Museum, Amsterdam.

My personal poster got taken out into the Stratosphere on a weather balloon. Made just using the poster and my normal glue we were excited to see how it would cope changing atmosphere and going through clouds! Paper again proved it was more robust that it can be given credit for with it surviving right until it’s inevitable crash landing in Germany.


Agency - W+K Amsterdam